On Gumroad

Finally opening up a digital store on Gumroad (which is also linked in my navigation to the left). The first available product is my digital sketchbook, ONE. The sketchbook consists of preliminary drawings, comics, and various sketches from 2015-2017. You can purchase it below.


Late to the #spidersona party, but I threw together a sketch of my Spider-Man, El Rey de Arañas. Pedro Parrillo’s uncle never dies tragically so he never gives up wrestling. Classic Spidey rogues and allies are other wrestlers, yada yada yada…you get where everything fits.

At the end of the day, this was a fun excuse to get acclimated to my Clip Studio Paint Pro program. Really digging it.


Various comics from eSquaredCOMICS, cir. 2012


A little slap dash this year’s Inktober, but still fun to do on my down time.
Here’s to 2019